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Jsearch Mini-Help

There are three sections of the Jsearch control. Each can be hidden or opened by clicking the title bar for the section.

The first is used to add search items such as keywords, categories or tags. You can either type keywords or scroll to find categories or tags you want to add. A recently added feature filters categories and tags as you type keywords so you can type a few letters in the keyword box to help you find categories or tags faster.

To add any search item, click the minus, circle, or plus buttons. Clicking minus tells jsearch to not show results that include that item. Clicking circle tells jsearch to only include results that have at least one of any items marked with 0. Clicking plus tell jsearch only to show results that include ALL of the items marked with plus. The X button removes that item from the search.

The second control shows a listing of currently added search items. You can change the behavior that it uses by clicking the appropriate button or click X to remove it from the search.

The final control is a listing of options that change the way Jsearch operates. You can restrict results by date or choose different listing options.


  • Any section you open or close will stay open or closed when you update the search.
  • You must click the "Update Search" button to see new results after adding, removing, or changing search items or options.
  • Normally if you type multiple keywords separated by spaces, they're treated as individual search items. To use phrase search, enclose the phrase in quotes "like this".

For more help, see the full tutorial with pictures at the Jsearch 2 Help Page.

Search Item Chooser
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The Item Chooser is a control that allows you to find and then add or remove new keywords, categories, or tags to your search.

To open this section, click anywhere on the title bar for this section.


The control that looks like this: is used to add search terms in different ways.

  • Only results that do not match search items marked as (NOT) will show.
  • Only results that include at least one search item marked as will show.
  • Only results that include all search items marked (ALL) will show.

For more examples of how this works, please see the plugin tutorial page

Type a search term (or terms). As you type, matching category or tag names (if any) will appear in the appropriately named box. This is because sometimes there's already a category/tag relevant to the word you want to search in which case using the category/tag is generally the better way to go.

Otherwise, if you want to add the term you typed to the search, click the appropriate button on the left (though note the X button clears the text entry box). You can add phrases by surrounding search terms in quotation marks (ex. "both words")

Select any categories you want to add to the search.

Select any tags you want to add to the search.

Countries / Pays
Sub-Saharan Africa / Afrique subsaharienne
Burma / Birmanie
Cambodia / Cambodge
Central Asia / Asie centrale
China / Chine
United States / Etats-Unis
India / Inde
Latin America / Amérique latine
Morocco / Maroc
Russia / Russie
Thailand / Thaïlande
Drugs / Drogues
Methamphetamine / Méthamphétamine
Language / Langue
Afghanistan Info
Annales de géographie
Asia Times
Book chapter / Chapitre de livre
Cahiers de la sécurité
Cannabis Now
Caucasian Review of International Affairs
Central Asia Caucasus Analyst
Drogues enjeux internationaux
Encyclopedias / Encyclopédies
Espace politique
European Bulletin of Himalayan Research
High Times
International Journal of Drug Policy
International Journal of Environmental Studies
Jane's Intelligence Review
Journal of Drug Issues
Crime Law and Social Change
Policy Brief / Rapport
Sécurité globale
Space and Polity
Terrorism Monitor
Revue Tiers Monde
Vie des idées
World Politics Review
Books / Livres
Topic / Sujet
Alternative development / Développement alternatif
Consumption / Consommation
Environment / Environnement
Food security / Sécurité alimentaire
Forced eradication / Eradication forcée
Geopolitics / Géopolitique
Photography / Photographie
Terrorism / Terrorisme
Traffic / Trafic
Unintended consequences / Conséquences involontaires
War / Guerre
War on drugs / Guerre contre la drogue
Search Items List
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This section lists the search items (keywords/categories/tags) that are actively affecting your search results. You can click the control buttons to switch the behavior used for each added search item or click the (X) button to remove it from the search.

To open this section, click anywhere on the title bar for this section.

Search Terms
Search Options
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There are many options you can take advantage of for the search such as sorting or limiting by date as well as choosing which parts of the post to search.

To open this section, click anywhere on the title bar for this section.


Post Results

2011-11-03Les territoires de l'opium. Conflits et trafics du Triangle d'Or et du Croissant d'Or.
2011-11-03Yaa Baa: Production, trafic et consommation de méthamphétamine en Asie du Sud-Est continentale
2011-11-03Yaa Baa: Production, Traffic and Consumption of Methamphetamine in Mainland Southeast Asia
2011-11-03Opium. Uncovering the Politics of the Poppy
2011-11-03Taliban's Drug Dilemma: Opium Production vs. International Recognition
2011-11-03Le pavot à opium et l'homme : origines géographiques et premières diffusions d'un cultivar
2011-11-03L'importance du facteur politique dans le développement du Triangle d'Or et du Croissant d'Or
2011-11-04Drugs and war destabilise Thai-Myanmar border region
2011-11-04Les itinéraires majeurs du narcotrafic en Asie
2011-11-04New drug trafficking routes in Southeast Asia